KOMPAS.com – YouTube has recently been found to be testing a paid option for 4K quality videos. With this option, 4K videos on YouTube can only be enjoyed by users who subscribe to YouTube Premium.

But YouTube has now suspended the trial without elaborating on the reasons behind its decision. This video sharing platform also ensures that future 4K quality videos can be enjoyed by all users, both free users and YouTube Premium users.

The decision to stop testing paid 4K content is known from a YouTube tweet that responds to Twitter user responses.

Users with Twitter accounts withhandle @nandan_priyansh complained about the trial of the paid option for 4K video. But then YouTube said it was disabling the experiment.

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“We completely disabled this experiment. Now users can access 4K resolution without a Premium subscription,” said YouTube via the Twitter handle @TeamYouTube.

Previously, users were busy discussing YouTube’s tactics to “force” them to subscribe to YouTube Premium through the 4K resolution option. When a trial-affected user opens the 4K quality option, there is a message directing the user to upgrade to YouTube Premium.

At that time YouTube did not confirm the trial attempt. However, based on the company’s latest statement on Twitter, users can now freely activate 4K resolution for various videos on YouTube for free, without the need to be a paid YouTube subscriber.

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YouTube is also testing 10 ads without skip

In addition to testing paid 4K content, YouTube is also known to be testing more skip-free ads than ever before.

Users even see 5 to 10 YouTube embedded ads and can’t be skipped (skip) at all.

Display ads on YoutubeReddit Display ads on Youtube

This practice has drawn criticism from a number of users. According to one user on Reddit, the ads are indeed short, about 5-6 seconds each.

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