KOMPAS.com – TikTok enforces several new policies on its platform. One of them is the age limit for live streaming hosts which is now a minimum age of 18 years from the previous 16 years.

That means, only late teens (18 years and over) are allowed to become live streaming hosts TikTok. While young adolescents (under 18 years) are prohibited from being live streaming hosts.

In addition to age, hosts must also have at least 1,000 followers to be able to live stream on TikTok, as previously stated.

According to the company, this change was made to protect users, especially teenagers and support their digital well-being.

“We’re making additional changes and improvements to help our community have the best experience when they’re live,” TikTok said KompasTekno from the company blog, Tuesday (18/10/2022).

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This policy will take effect on November 23, 2022. So, from that date on, only TikTok users aged 18 years and over will be able to do so. streaming direct.

Adult audience-only content

In addition to changing the minimum age for live streaming, TikTok will also allow users to target audiences categorized as adults. So when the user does streaming directly, they will have the option to target an adult audience only.

According to TikTok, this option can be applied to live streaming that discusses adult comedy or topics about life experiences that will be more comfortable to share with fellow users over 18 years.

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This option is presented by TikTok to accommodate appropriate content, while protecting young users from content that may not be suitable for their age.

“We want our community to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in LIVE without compromising safety. We believe this update can better protect young users in our community when they are online,” said TikTok.