KOMPAS.com – Slang on social media (social media), such as TikTok or Twitter, is countless. Lately, one of the slang on social media that is often used by users is the word “pick me girl”.

Some of you may have also seen the word “Pick me girl” or commonly abbreviated as “PMG”, milling about used by other users on social media. Usually, the word is used in social media in a format to describe a character of a woman.

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An example of the use of the word “Pick me girl” in this customary format can be seen through the base account on Twitter with handle @askkanrl, as stated below.

The tweet also included a screenshot containing a confessional chat of a woman who has a different character from the others. From the description in the screenshot, the word “Pick me girl” is used to define the character that the woman conveys.

In addition to Twitter, the format of using the word “Pick me girl” to describe the character of a woman is also used in TikTok videos. For example, on TikTok videos uploaded by accounts with handle @niaghan.

@niaghan Reply to @brendataaan_ What type of pick me girl is the most annoying? ???? @lorealparisid_shop #LorealHairID #5minutesSalonHair #SalonHairatHome#GoExtraordinary #LorealSteamMask ? Be You – L’Oréal Paris

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The video outlines the female characters who are classified as “Pick me girl”. In addition to the two above, there are many more examples of the habitual use of the word “Pick me girl” in a similar format that can be found.

Although you may have come across many forms of using the word on social media, what exactly is “Pick me girl? For more details, see the explanation of the meaning of “Pick me girl” below.

Meaning of “Pick me girl”

In equivalent words, “Pick me girl” can certainly not come from Indonesian, but English. In English, “Pick me girl” can be categorized as a slang word (slang).

Quoted from Urban Dictionary, “Pick me girl” is a term to describe a woman who seems to be trying to be different from women in general. For example, women usually like makeup and make-up equipment.

However, for women who are judged as “Pick me girl”, they will claim the opposite to be different from other common women, namely not liking makeup and makeup.

In some conditions, the effort to distinguish oneself by a woman “Pick me girl”, is usually intended to be ogled or liked by men.

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From the meaning of “Pick me girl”, it is not surprising that the word is often used in social media to refer to a woman who is trying to be different to get attention. That’s the explanation of the meaning of “Pick me girl” which is widely used on social media, hopefully it will be useful.

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