Whenever we start talking about not-so-new games, you can be sure that a new edition has been released, or that the console has received its port. Or, as in the case of SpellForce III Forcedboth this and that happened.

SpellForce III Forced

SpellForce III is a game that many people love, but previously (which is logical, given the genre) it was only available on PC. Now, with the release of SpellForce III Reinforced, novelty reaches consoles. But is it playable? We ask ourselves this question first.

Perhaps, there is no need to ask if the game in front of us is good – it is good, and no one has said anything about it. I can’t call myself a huge ARPG fan, but I’m still very happy that such a difficult-to-port game is accessible to an audience that prefers a gamepad over a mouse.

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SpellForce III Forced

I absolutely refuse to talk about the plot of SpellForce III – you and I will be drowning in a sea of ​​exotic names and titles long before we can get to the main thing, namely, how the game feels on the TV screen.

As you can tell from the screenshot, before us was a kind of RTS, where there were a lot of characters and details on the screen. The interface is also in the PC spirit, although it’s clear that the developers paid enough attention to the adaptation for the controller. Fortunately for them, this is not a classic strategy, but something a little simpler. The main emphasis here is on developing your base and passively building your army.

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SpellForce III Forced

Is it comfortable to play on the controller? Usually. Not more comfortable than with a mouse, no, but still very good. Management is intuitive, although it takes time to learn. The main problem is the inventory screen. As usual! Games like that always make him a mess.

What else sets SpellForce III apart is how it tries to combine the two genres into one. On the one hand, this is a classic RPG, and on the other, there are RTS elements. It turned out to be interesting, but … ridiculous. This means that direct fans of one or more genres will not have enough depth, but those who don’t mind trying something out of the ordinary will be satisfied.

SpellForce III Forced

Turns out we have a very strong release ahead of us. Here, the gameplay is fun, the art is on level, and even the story isn’t the worst. And the price doesn’t bite! You often see such combinations, which is why I immediately wanted to suggest. Well, I’m happy with how competently the game is optimized: video games with detailed graphics, where several actions occur at the same time, have often left the console deadlocked in the past, but in the case of Series X, all is good.


To be honest, there are better RPGs and RTSs on consoles than SpellForce III, but there are very few of them. There aren’t many alternatives, and the creation of Grimlore Games will definitely not be lost among analogues. Its attempts to combine the two genres are more successful than not, but don’t expect much depth from the gameplay.

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