KOMPAS.com – After much anticipation, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series tablet line has finally officially received an operating system (OS) specifically designed for large-screen devices, namely Android 12L.

Through written information received KompasTeknoMonday (17/10/2022), Samsung Indonesia confirmed that the “regular” Galaxy Tab S8 trio, Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, and Galaxy S8 Ultra received upgrade (OS) Android 12L via update (updates) OneUI 4.1.1 interface.

So far, the Galaxy Tab S8 series runs the Android 12 operating system which is commonly used on smartphones with screens no more than 7 inches, coated with a 4.1 interface. This makes the interface and some applications look less than optimal when displayed on large screen devices.

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Now, with the presence of Android 12L, the application window will be more optimal when displayed on the Galaxy Tab S8 series.

New features of Android 12L


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 has a taskbar thanks to Android 12L.dock. Samsung The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 has a taskbar thanks to Android 12L.

With the Android 12L update, the trio of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 arrives a number of new features. One of the most interesting is the taskbar feature.

The taskbar itself is a bar containing a row of application icons displayed at the bottom of the screen. An easy example, this feature is similar to a row of application icons alias taskbar on a laptop or computer (PC) device.

With the taskbar, Galaxy Tab S8 series tablet users can move from one application to another more easily and seamlessly (seamless), that is, by simply clicking on the application icon on the taskbar.

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This is one of the big updates coming to Samsung tablets. Because, so far, users often encounter a wide (disproportionate) screen display in OneUI 4.1 mode. Because, tablet mode is like on a normal phone.

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Users must first switch to Samsung DeX mode in order to have a taskbar bar and can adjust the size of the application window so that it is not stretched and pleasing to the eye.

Split screen with App pair

Upgrades Android 12L also brings feature improvements split screen for support multitasking.