KOMPAS.com – Just as applications or files on your computer are prone to damage, Google Chrome or other web browsers can also experience the same thing.

The problem is usually displayed with the information this site can’t be reached which informs the user that there is a network problem with your device or connection.

To overcome such problems, there are several ways you can do. Here Kompas Tekno has summarized how to solve this site can’t be reached in your web browser.

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Waiting for repair by expert

If you’re struggling with your web browser and then encounter connection problems, the first thing you can do is to connect your device to a different network.

For example, previously you used Wi-Fi, then try to connect via cellular data, and vice versa. After that, try going to the website to see if it works or not.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can try it by switching devices to open a web browser. There may be a problem with the device you were using before.

If you’ve switched devices and tried different internet connections and still can’t, it means there’s a problem with the signal transmitter in your area.

It could be due to a blackout or indeed there is a problem with the signal transmitter. Therefore, you need to wait until the signal transmitter is repaired by a professional.

Restarting the modem and router

Additionally, you can also restart the modem and router by unplugging them for at least 30 seconds. Give your modem or router a few minutes of rest. Then restart both and connect your device to a web browser.

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Check your cables and connections

Make sure that the cable is not too bent or pulled too tight. A bent cable can cause damage to the inner copper. Therefore, you must ensure that the cable is stretched properly.