KOMPAS.com – Each cellular operator, including Smartfren, has APN (Access Point Name) settings for cell phone (MOBILE PHONE). Please note, the APN itself is a system for setting the connection name on the cellphone.

Its function is to connect the cellular network to the internet network. For Smartfren service users, the APN settings need to be added first on the cellphone, both Android and iPhone cellphones, so that they can access the internet using a cellular network.

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The APN from the Smartfren operator will generally be added automatically when the cellphone is connected to a cellular network. However, in some cellphones, sometimes users need to add the Smartfren APN manually.

If the Smartfren APN has not been added, users may find it difficult to access the internet, even though they have an active data quota. If it hasn’t been added, then how do you do it? settings Smartphone APN?

For settings APN Smartfren, the method can be different between an Android phone and an iPhone. A more complete explanation of how settings APN Smartfren, both on Android and iPhone, can be seen below.

Method settings APN Smartfren

Settings APN Smartfren on Android Phone

  • Open the “Settings” or “Settings” menu on the Android phone.
  • After that, click on the settings menu titled something like “Mobile Network” or “Mobile Network Settings”.
  • Then, select the Smartfren cellular network that is being used and click the “APN” option.
  • Type this Smartfren APN code “Smartfren4G” (without quotes) in the column provided. Clear column password and username in APN settings.
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Settings Smartfren APN on iPhone

  • Open the “Settings” menu
  • Select the “Cellular” settings menu and click the “Cellular Data Network” option.
  • Next, the APN settings form page will appear.
  • Type this Smartfren APN code “Smartfren4G” (without quotes) in the column provided. Also leave the column blank password and username contained in the APN settings form.

After filling in the Smartfren APN name, both on Android and iOS cellphones, please save the settings. Now, the Smartfren APN has been successfully added on the cellphone and can be tried to access the internet with a cellular network.

Easy enough isn’t it for settings APN Smartfren on HP? That’s the explanation about how settings Smartfren APN on Android and iOS cellphones so that they can access the internet, as reported by the official page Smartphone.

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For additional information, apart from Smartfren, APN is also available on other operators. However, the settings may vary by operator. For example, the APN for the Tri cellular network is “3data”, while for Telkomsel it is “Internet”.

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