Snipping Tool holds the crown of the best screenshot tool for the Windows operating system, and with good reason. It is the most efficient

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Snipping Tool holds the crown of the best screenshot tool for the Windows operating system , And for a good reason. It’s efficient, the lightest of all the alternatives that exist, it occupies very little storage space and doesn’t clog up RAM.

However, the Snipping Tool isn’t perfect, as it comes along with a series of glitches and problems that cause great inconveniences cause. It may malfunction or sometimes crash or freeze, leaving users in a state of frustration.

Here we have collected some ways to to fix and finally solve the snipping tool not working error in Windows 11.

1. Reset the snipping tool or fix it

It is inevitable that a bug from time to time can cause your programs or system files to malfunction. However, with Windows 11, it’s now easier than ever to repair programs.

With these few steps, you can repair an app without any additional third-party software easily fix and repair:

  • Open Windows search by clicking the search icon in the taskbar.
  • Write Crop Tool.< /li>
  • Right-click Apply Crop Tool and select Application Settings.
  • Scroll down reboot and click on the Repair option. The system is trying to repair the software.
  • If repairing the app doesn’t fix the problem, try resetting the app by clicking Restart. Note, however, that you will lose all your app data by doing this.

2. Disable focus assist

Focus Assist is a fantastic Windows feature that filters out all the unwanted notifications so you can get more done. However, in some useful applications, such as B. the Snipping Tool, cause problems by preventing them from starting.

You can disable Focus Assist so that it does not block the Snipping Tool :

  • Go to Settings > Systems > Focus Assist.
  • In the Focus Assist, select the Priority Only option and click on the Priority List Customize.
  • Here, in the Applications section, click on Add an app. Find the Snipping Tool from the application list and close the window.
  • Try opening the Snipping Tool and see if it works now.
  • 3. Use the Crop and Draw Tool

    The Snipping Tool has been updated with the new Snip & replaced Microsoft’s Sketch tool, and as a result, the former stopped working on many PCs. The easiest solution is to use a different method of capturing screenshots, or manually switch to the more advanced Snip & Update Sketch tool. To do this:

    • Find the Microsoft Store< /span> pinned to the Windows 11 taskbar and open it.
    • Find cut and draw.
    • Click on the Get button, which will prompt you to install the application.
    • Once the app is installed, you can use Snip & Use Sketch by selecting Open.

    You can also read our detailed guide on how to get started with Snip & Sketch.

    4. Perform a clean boot

    Another reason why the Snipping Tool is not working is Interference from other third-party applications or programs, especially your antivirus software. A clean boot can help you with this issue and get the screenshot tool up and running in no time.

    In order to perform a clean boot, you must disable all third-party services and programs. For this:

    • press Win + R. to launch the Run dialog box.
    • Write msconfig search.< /li>
    • In the System Configuration dialog box, go to the Servicespanel.
    • Check the Hide all Microsoft services check box and then click Disable All button.

    After disabling all these third party services:

    • Go to the Startup tab and click Open Task Manager
    • Right-click each third-party program one by one and Disable them.
    • Click OK in the System Preferences box.
    • Restart your computer.

    5. Disable automatic time

    Some users Zers identified the move to Windows 11 as the root cause of the snipping tool issues. They fixed this bug in the latest version of Windows, but later further testing found that the app would work fine on devices if the Microsoft Store was not set to automatically update programs, suggesting that the problem was on certificates.

    To fix the issue and keep taking screenshots, you can try these steps:

      < li> Open Settings Application
    • Navigate to Time and Language > Date and time.
    • Turn off the Set time automaticallyoption a off.
    • Now press Change This will allow you to reset the value manually. You can choose any date before 30. October 2021, There is no need to change the time though.
    • Hopefully this would have fixed the issues you were facing with the Snipping Tool Set the time automaticallyfor En when your app is working smoothly again.

    6. Use the classic snipping tool

    If none of the above methods work and you just want to use the Snipping Tool in Windows 11 without going back to Windows 10, follow the steps below to use the classic Snipping Tool in Windows 10.

    • Open Settings> File Explorer.
    • Go to the system drive partition (C:).
    • Then open the windows.alt folder followed by system32 binder.
    • Here you will find SnippingTool.exe. Double-click this file to launch and use the classic snipping tool in Windows 11 as well.

    7. Use Regedit< /h2>

    The Snipping Tool is installed and enabled by default in the Windows 11 operating system, but the software restriction policy prevents some users from using it, or in some cases prevents them from seeing the app in File Explorer.

    If you are also facing similar issues and are completely confused as to what to do next, as a last resort, here is what you can do:

    • Launch the Run dialog box by pressing Win + R. on your keyboard.
    • Type Regeditarianin the search box and press Enter.
    • This will prompt you to open a User Account Control window asking for permission to continue and make changes to make any changes to your device. Select yes and the registry editor will appear.
    • In the registry editor, scroll down until you see HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE& follow the path SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft.
    • Locate the Tablet key. If it’s not there, right click on it Microsoft, choose New> Password, and name it tablet.
    • Right click on this newly created key TabletPersonal Computer > new > DWORD (32-bit) value and rename to Disable crop tool.
    • Double-clickDisableSnippingTooland make sure Value Datais set to with Hexadecimaloption also selected.
    • Close the registry editor and try to find and open the Snipping Tool. These steps have restarted and launched the app, so you can successfully take screenshots on your Windows 11.

    Capture screenshots on Windows faster

    There is no doubt that Windows Snipping Tool is a pretty useful application for capturing screenshots on your laptops and PCs; however, it is not the only way. Now you have more flexibility (and speed) to capture your screen using various Windows hotkeys that you probably didn’t even know you had at your disposal. Check out these screenshot shortcuts and get the most out of your Windows experience.

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