KOMPAS.com – Instagram app can’t be opened (crash) on the iPhone or iPad, is one of the obstacles that are quite often encountered. If you encounter this problem, the Instagram application will suddenly exit itself when opened.

So, why when opening Instagram suddenly comes out on the iPhone or iPad? Instagram crash on the iPhone or iPad can be caused due to a bug in the application. For example, a bug contained in the Instagram application version 255.0.

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The version of the Instagram application, which has been released since October 3, has reported problems. Quoted from BGRHowever, the problem is that users cannot open the Instagram application on iOS-based devices.

So, shortly after pressing the app icon and loading the launch page, the Instagram app suddenly closes and returns to the “Home” screen on the iPhone or iPad. Some users tried to reinstall the Instagram app, but the result is still the same.

With such causes, then what to do if Instagram error, crash, or can’t open on iPhone or iPad? For more details, here’s how to solve Instagram can’t be opened on iPhone and iPad.

1. Updates Instagram app version

The Instagram PR team, last Monday (3/10/2022) had confirmed that there was a bug that caused iOS device users to not be able to access or open the Instagram application.

“We fixed an issue that was causing some iOS users to have trouble accessing Instagram,” the Instagram PR team wrote on its official Twitter account with: handle @InstagramComms, Monday (3/10/2022).

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To overcome this, they suggest that users do updates version of the Instagram app on your iPhone or iPad. Method updates version of the Instagram application can be done via the App Store application store, by pressing the “Update” button.

2. Completely close the Instagram app

Besides doing updates, how to solve Instagram cannot be opened can also be done by closing the application completely. To completely close the Instagram app, swipe up from the bottom corner of the iPhone or iPad screen.

Then, swipe up on the Instagram app window. Once it’s fully closed in the background, try reopening the Instagram app. This method serves to refresh the Instagram application system so that it can be operated smoothly.

3. Restart iPhone or iPad

The third way is to restart or reload iPhone and iPad. This serves to refresh the system on the iPhone or iPad which might cause the application to not operate smoothly.

To restart your iPhone or iPad, press the power button and slide the “turn off” option on the screen”. After the iPhone or iPad is turned off, please press the power button again to turn it on. When it turns on again, try to open the Instagram application.

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That’s the explanation about how to solve Instagram can’t be opened or crash on iPhone and iPad, hope this helps.

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