KOMPAS.com – TikTok’s short video-based social media application can now be used to shop for various items that users need. This can be done by visiting the “Shop” tab in the TikTok application.

There, users can search for various items that, if they are on a promo or get a discount, are being bought, and so on.

Now, when we click on an item and put it in the basket, we can then make a payment to buy the item, before it is sent to our house.

However, sometimes we want to cancel an order that we want to buy for various reasons, for example the wrong address or the wrong click on the item. So, how to cancel an order on TikTok Shop?

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How to cancel an order on TikTok Shop.KOMPAS.com/BILL CLINTEN How to cancel an order on TikTok Shop.
  • First of all, open the TikTok app and visit the “Shop” tab.
  • When the TikTok Shop page appears, select the “Orders” menu or icon located in the upper left corner of the TikTok Shop main screen.
  • A few moments later, we will be presented with an order list page for the items we bought on TikTok Shop. Here, click the item you want to cancel.
  • Click “Cancel” or cancel in the “Awaiting Payment” menu.
  • On the next page, select the reason why we cancel the order. Reasons include: “no suitable payment method”, “wrong item clicked”, and so on.
  • When you have chosen a reason, click the “Submit” button.
  • Done, our order on TikTok Shop has been successfully canceled.
How to cancel an order on TikTok ShopKOMPAS.com/BILL CLINTEN How to cancel an order on TikTok Shop

To see if the item has been canceled or not, we can go back to the main view of TikTok Shop by clicking the “Shop” tab earlier.

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If it has been successfully canceled, the status of the item we canceled earlier will change to “Cancelled”.

On the same page, if we click on the item, we can click the “Buy now” button if we want to buy this canceled item at a later date, of course if the stock is still available.

It should be noted, these steps only apply to cancel orders that are not yet paid.

If you want to cancel an order that has been paid for, we must first communicate with the seller of the item so that the order can be cancelled.

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