KOMPAS.com – Facebook users are reportedly being targeted by malicious software (malicious software/malware) named “Ducktail”.

According to a Bleeping Computer report, Ducktail malware can steal all personal data of a Facebook account.

If the victim is a Facebook Business account, the perpetrators of this cyber attack can also steal billing and payment details from the Facebook Business account customer.

Ducktail malware was first reported existence by researchers from WithSecure in July 2022. This malware is associated with hackers (hacker) from Vietnam.

Initially, hackers distributed Ducktail malware using the phishing on LinkedIn. Hackers disguise themselves as workers in the HR or marketing field.

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The hacker then sent a PDF document under the guise of details about the marketing project. Even though the PDF document has been infected by malware Ducktails.

If the malware has entered the victim’s computer, the Ducktail malware will steal the information stored on the victim’s computer browserspecifically looking for users’ Facebook Business account information.

However, at this time, the spread of Ducktail malware is said to be increasingly widespread. Not only disguised as PDF documents disguised as marketing project details, but also disguised as sites that provide games, adult videos, cracked MS Office applications, or other content commonly categorized as “forbidden”.

This is likely the reason the Ducktail malware coverage is wider.

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In addition to Facebook Business information, malware now steals sensitive data stored in browsers, browser cookies, wallets cryptocurrencybasic system data, personal Facebook account data such as name, contact email, phone number, and others that may be useful for hackers to commit other cyber crimes.

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The user is said to have been unable to detect the presence of the Ducktail malware until software antivirus on the computer detects and finally cleans the computer from software that dangerous.

For this reason, users are advised to always be vigilant when downloading files from the internet. Because, file or document links can be a way for malware to enter the user’s computer, as compiled KompasTekno from Bleeping ComputerWednesday (19/10/2022).

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