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Is your Dell laptop defective? Then off to the Comsmile Dell Repair Service! The US manufacturer is known for its high-quality products for all purposes. Because Dell has all kinds of models, from cheap to expensive and from simple to innovative. The company also sells gamer laptops, which are suitable for excessive gaming. This is the Alienware model. These are comparatively expensive, which is why the notebook repair is definitely worthwhile here. Anyone who plays excessively will also want their laptop back quickly. This is where the service at comsmile comes in handy.

Between the Precision, Vostro and XPS, the Inspiron series is one of the most popular. Because these are the ones you will find the most affordable while being ideal for everyday use. Regardless of the product, at Dell Notebook Repair we repair all products from the Texas-based manufacturer.

Dell Notebook Repair: Which ones do we do?

Display replacement:

If the display of your laptop, such as models of the G series, Inspiron or Alienware, shows a defect, comsmile is at your side. We exchange the old display for high-quality replacement parts. But it could also be that the display is not the problem. If the error is in the display cables, we will track it down during the analysis.

Hard disk replacement:

A slow laptop is often due to a defective hard drive. Sometimes it is not defective, but simply too weak. Our Dell workshop will replace the hard drive or other drive as part of the repair service. If it is actually a defect, extreme caution is required. Your data is also on the hard drive. It is therefore important that these are secured. We at comsmile take away your worries about Dell notebook repairs. That’s why we always back up data in sensitive matters.

Mainboard repair:

The mainboard of your laptop contains the most important elements for use. If your device has defects or damage, this can be traced back to the mainboard. However, this is not obvious to a layman. For this reason we carry out the free analysis. If it is an error in the mainboard, it must be replaced. We only use original quality products. These do not always have to be new. Otherwise it wouldn’t be profitable. The high-quality spare parts are always checked by our technicians.

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Fix software bugs:

The fact that defects can also be traced back to the software is often ignored. In fact, laptops are sometimes sent to us with what appear to be faults in the hardware. Upon analysis, it turns out that the software was the problem. Our technicians then take care of the repair of the operating system in the course of the Dell notebook repair. In the case of the models of the G series or the Inspiron series, this is usually Windows. Sometimes Linux is also used.

Interior cleaning in case of water damage or soiling:

Two things are enemies of the interior of your laptop – liquid and dust. Spilling your coffee all over your Dell Latitude, Inspiron or Precision while you work can cause permanent damage. As a quick tip in an emergency, we recommend placing the laptop in a bowl filled with rice in the event of water damage. As a result, you should send it to the comsmile Dell workshop as soon as possible. Dust, on the other hand, can hardly be prevented. It settles in the housing and ensures that the ventilation runs more efficiently. This leads to overheating, which can lead to further damage. You usually notice such problems due to the temperature and the unusual volume of your laptop. The complete interior cleaning in the course of the Dell notebook repair changes this.

other repairs:

With a complex device like a laptop, many defects can occur. That’s why our free analysis before the Dell notebook repair is so important. It may be that the supposed software error is due to the mainboard. Maybe cables are broken instead of the hard drive. In addition, other parts next to the display, such as power sockets or keyboards, also tend to be defective. With Dell Notebook Repair, we track down such errors. Simply send in your model from the Inspiron, Latitude, XPS, Vostro series or other lines.

What models does Dell Notebook Repair repair?

Unlike other manufacturers, Dell has many different product lines. Thanks to the know-how of our technicians, we carry out all these repairs. Our spare parts warehouse and relationships with numerous suppliers also make a major contribution to this. Because at Dell you will find models that are specially designed for gaming, work or everyday use. The models that you can send in for Dell laptop repair include those in the lines:



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G Series



Not sure if your laptop is a Dell Inspiron, Precision or even Alienware? The original packaging and an inscription provide information. The latter can usually be found on the back or on the CD compartment. You can also read the information in the device if it works. Don’t worry, just send in any model for Dell laptop repair!

A workshop for Germany and Austria: Dell laptop repairs at comsmile

Today, a mail-in service is part of what a workshop expects. After all, classic everyday life is stressful. She doesn’t find time to travel or even to look for a workshop. Maybe you live in a remote village. So if your XPS, Latitude or Inspiron needs repairing urgently, going to a workshop would be counterproductive. The mailing service is therefore a matter of course. The service around this, as you will find it at comsmile, but not.
Because the mail-in service for Dell repairs applies to all of Germany and Austria. And it’s free. In this sense, comsmile stands for

in particular

a wide range of services:

Regardless of the free mailing service for Austria and Germany, you will find even more services when repairing Dell notebooks. So the first analysis is free. The cost proposal is only made after this, which means that it is precise. Furthermore, you only have to pay after the successful Dell repair. Last but not least, you can also meet Dell Service on site in Stuttgart.


The repair of your Dell G-Series, Inspiron, Latitude or Vostro model must be more than successful. Because quality plays a major role here. The right, original quality parts, experienced staff and customer-focused service form the ideal Dell service.

Customer Service:

Our goals are twofold. Your laptop, whether it’s a Precision, Alienware or Inspiron, should work again and you should be happy. That’s why we offer you fair prices and top quality. In addition, we are available by phone to answer any questions you may have from Monday to Friday.

The combination of these components is what makes the professional Dell notebook repair at comsmile. Simply send in your model of the G series, XPS, Vostro and Co. and see for yourself!

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